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The   Public   Viva-Voce examination-cum      presentation    of    a   Ph.D. student, Mr. Devashish Chakraborty on his thesis titled “USES AND EFFECTS OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES: A CHANDIGARH BASED STUDY OF UNDERGRADUATE AND POSTGRADUAT STUDENTS” has been fixed on 13.01.2017 at 11.30 am in the Seminar room of the School of Communication Studies, Art Block VII, Panjab University Chandigarh. 


All the faculty members, research scholars and students are cordially invited to attend.


  Dated: 13/01/2017
108/05/2018MA-I Final Attendance
208/05/2018PG Diploma in Advertising & PR, April+May Attendance
308/05/2018MA-I April+May Attendance
404/05/2018MA-II March 2018 Att
504/05/2018MA-I March 2018 Att
624/04/2018PGD March 2018 attendance
728/03/2018MA-II revised Attendance
828/03/2018MA-I revised Attendance
908/03/2018PG Dip in Advertising & PR (2nd Sem) Attendance Feb 2018
1008/03/2018MA-II (J&MC) Attendance of Feb 2018
1108/03/2018MA-I (J&MC) Attendance of Feb 2018
1227/02/2018MA-II (4th Sem) Revised attendance
1327/02/2018MA-I (2nd Sem) Revised attendance
1421/02/2018MA - I (2nd Semester)
1520/02/2018PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations January attendance
1620/02/2018MA-II (J&MC) Attendance of January
1718/12/2017PG Diploma Internal Marks (1st Sem) 2017-18
1815/12/2017Mentor-mentee list
1914/12/2017Internal Assessment of MA-I & MA-II (2017-18)
2014/11/2017Revised attendance of MA-I (Month of August 2017)
2113/11/2017MEDIA FEST SOCH 2017
2208/11/2017Revised attendance of September 2017, Ms. Divya Rajani MA-I
2331/10/2017PG Diploma Attendance Sep 2017
2431/10/2017MA-II Attendance of Sep 2017
2531/10/2017MA-I Attendance of Sep 2017
2626/09/2017Fellowship for Ph.D 2017
2708/09/2017PGD August attendance
2808/09/2017MA-II August attendance
2908/09/2017MA-I August attendance
3007/09/2017Notice Regarding MPR Books author names (MA-II)
3107/09/2017Viva-Voce Examination-cum-Presentation of Ph.D. student, Ms. Hemdeep Kaur
3206/09/2017Result of Ph.D Interview held on 04.09.2017
3331/08/2017Date of Interview of Ph.D. candidates
3431/08/2017Reminder for submission of MPR and Dissertation Topics of MA-II (J&MC)
3529/08/2017Admission schedule to Ph.D./ M. Phil courese for the session 2017-2018
3629/08/20172nd waiting list of MA-I (J&MC)
3729/08/2017PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations 3rd waiting list for admission 2017-18
3822/08/2017Shortage of Attendance of PG Diploma Student
3917/08/2017Detail of Supervisors along with their specialization and number of vacant seats as on 01.08.2017
4017/08/2017Syllabus of Pre-Ph.D Course work
4116/08/2017MA-II Attendance of month of July 2017
4216/08/2017MA-II Attendance of month of July 2017
4314/08/2017Postponed Ph.D Interview
4411/08/2017PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations 2nd waiting list for admission 2017-18
4509/08/2017Department Notice
4604/08/2017Hostel Allocation of MA-1 (J&MC)
4704/08/2017Fee Submission of 2nd Waiting List PG Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations
4804/08/2017Fee Submission of 1st Waiting List of MA-1 (J&MC) and PG Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations
4904/08/2017Notice regarding Migration certifcates with original DMC's (Degree) submission of MA-I and PG Diploma in Adv and PR-1
5001/08/2017Fee details of MA -1 (J&MC) and PG Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations
5101/08/2017MA- 1 SC Category waiting list
5201/08/2017MA- 1 YF Category waiting list
5301/08/2017MA- 1 Open waiting list
5401/08/2017MA- 1 OGC Category waiting list
5501/08/2017MA- 1 Merit List
5601/08/2017MA- 1 Defence Category waiting list
5701/08/2017MA- 1 BC Category waiting list
5801/08/2017Merit and waiting list of PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations
5927/07/2017Important Notice regarding Admission
6024/07/2017Document Verification on 25.07.2017 at 11.30 am for qualify candidates in Aptitude Test of PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations
6122/07/2017Regarding Merit List
6220/07/2017MA-I (J&MC) Fresh List of Reserved candidates
6319/07/2017MA-I (J&MC) GD/PI Schedule on 20-21/07/2017
6418/07/2017MA-I (J&MC) GD/PI Schedule for 19/07/2017
6517/07/2017Schedule for Counselling (All Categories) and Aptitude Test of Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relation
6625/04/2017Meeting of the Research Degree Committee-cum-Presentation will be held on Tuesday, 02nd May, 2017 at 3.30 p.m. in the School of Communication Studies
6712/04/2017Attendance of MA-I and PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations March 2017
6822/03/2017Viva-Voce Examination-cum-Presentation of Ph.D. student, Mr. Subhash Chand Goel
6914/03/2017Attendance of Feb 2017 of PG Diploma in Advertising & PR
7014/03/2017Attendance of Feb 2017 of MA-II
7114/03/2017Attendance of Feb 2017 of MA-I
7303/03/2017CHASSCONG VII-Quotation Format Food
7403/03/2017Viva-Voce Examination-cum-Presentation of Ph.D. student, Mr. Vibhor Mohan
7517/02/2017Documentary for PU Convocation 2017
7610/02/20172nd Installment of Examination Fee notice
7710/02/2017Attendance of Jan 2017 (MA-I, MA-II and PG Diploma in Advertising & PR)
7803/02/2017CHASSCONG VII-2nd Mail for Colleagues
7903/02/2017CHASSCONG VII-First mail for colleagues
8003/02/2017CHASSCONG VII-Concept paper and programme 1st announcement
8103/02/2017CHASSCONG VII-Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts/Final Papers
8203/02/2017Guidelines for Sending Abstracts of CHASSCONG VII
8323/12/2016Tender/Quotation for Digital A3 Color Multi-functional Printer
8515/09/2016Quotation for Digital A3 Color Multi-functional Printer
8615/09/2016Tender for Computer Equipments
8719/08/2016Information regarding vacant seat in MA-I (1st Semester)
8804/08/2016Waiting List circular of MA (J&MC)
8901/08/2016Open Waiting List of PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations 2016-17
9029/07/2016PG Diploma Notice regarding the fees and classes
9129/07/2016Merit list of PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations 2016-17
9226/07/2016PG Diploma Aptitude Test Result 2016
9326/07/2016MPR Deadlines
9426/07/2016Disertation Deadline for MA-II (J&MC)
9522/07/2016Notice Regarding MA-I Class
9621/07/2016Date of Aptitude Test and Counceling for Post Graduation Diploma in Advertising and Public Relation
9719/07/2016Hostel List of MA-I (J&MC) for the session 2016-17
9819/07/2016Reserve category of SC waiting list
9919/07/2016Waiting List circular of MA (J&MC)
10016/07/2016Fee Notice of M.A-1 (J&MC) Selected Candidate 2016-2017
10116/07/2016Provisional Waiting List MA-1 (J&MC) Session 2016-2017
10216/07/2016Provisional Merit List MA-1 (J&MC) Session 2016-2017
10313/07/2016Tuition Fee for MA-3rd Semester
10413/07/2016MA-1 Councelling of Qualified Candidates

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