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Open Waiting List of PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations 2016-17

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                                                                                                                                                                  Date: 1/08/2016


The following candidates (Sr. No. 1-3) on waiting list should deposit their fees in the Dept by 2/08/2016.

Those who do not submit their fees by 10:00 am on 02/08/2016 will forfeit the seat and this will be offered to the next candidate on the waiting list.  


Sr. No.         Name                             Father  Name                        

Open waiting list

1                Shakti Singh                   Ranjodh Singh

2               Naina Mishra                 Vinod Kumar Mishra

3              Simrat Saini                     Sukhpal Singh










  Dated: 01/08/2016
108/05/2018MA-I Final Attendance
208/05/2018PG Diploma in Advertising & PR, April+May Attendance
308/05/2018MA-I April+May Attendance
404/05/2018MA-II March 2018 Att
504/05/2018MA-I March 2018 Att
624/04/2018PGD March 2018 attendance
728/03/2018MA-II revised Attendance
828/03/2018MA-I revised Attendance
908/03/2018PG Dip in Advertising & PR (2nd Sem) Attendance Feb 2018
1008/03/2018MA-II (J&MC) Attendance of Feb 2018
1108/03/2018MA-I (J&MC) Attendance of Feb 2018
1227/02/2018MA-II (4th Sem) Revised attendance
1327/02/2018MA-I (2nd Sem) Revised attendance
1421/02/2018MA - I (2nd Semester)
1520/02/2018PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations January attendance
1620/02/2018MA-II (J&MC) Attendance of January
1718/12/2017PG Diploma Internal Marks (1st Sem) 2017-18
1815/12/2017Mentor-mentee list
1914/12/2017Internal Assessment of MA-I & MA-II (2017-18)
2014/11/2017Revised attendance of MA-I (Month of August 2017)
2113/11/2017MEDIA FEST SOCH 2017
2208/11/2017Revised attendance of September 2017, Ms. Divya Rajani MA-I
2331/10/2017PG Diploma Attendance Sep 2017
2431/10/2017MA-II Attendance of Sep 2017
2531/10/2017MA-I Attendance of Sep 2017
2626/09/2017Fellowship for Ph.D 2017
2708/09/2017PGD August attendance
2808/09/2017MA-II August attendance
2908/09/2017MA-I August attendance
3007/09/2017Notice Regarding MPR Books author names (MA-II)
3107/09/2017Viva-Voce Examination-cum-Presentation of Ph.D. student, Ms. Hemdeep Kaur
3206/09/2017Result of Ph.D Interview held on 04.09.2017
3331/08/2017Date of Interview of Ph.D. candidates
3431/08/2017Reminder for submission of MPR and Dissertation Topics of MA-II (J&MC)
3529/08/2017Admission schedule to Ph.D./ M. Phil courese for the session 2017-2018
3629/08/20172nd waiting list of MA-I (J&MC)
3729/08/2017PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations 3rd waiting list for admission 2017-18
3822/08/2017Shortage of Attendance of PG Diploma Student
3917/08/2017Detail of Supervisors along with their specialization and number of vacant seats as on 01.08.2017
4017/08/2017Syllabus of Pre-Ph.D Course work
4116/08/2017MA-II Attendance of month of July 2017
4216/08/2017MA-II Attendance of month of July 2017
4314/08/2017Postponed Ph.D Interview
4411/08/2017PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations 2nd waiting list for admission 2017-18
4509/08/2017Department Notice
4604/08/2017Hostel Allocation of MA-1 (J&MC)
4704/08/2017Fee Submission of 2nd Waiting List PG Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations
4804/08/2017Fee Submission of 1st Waiting List of MA-1 (J&MC) and PG Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations
4904/08/2017Notice regarding Migration certifcates with original DMC's (Degree) submission of MA-I and PG Diploma in Adv and PR-1
5001/08/2017Fee details of MA -1 (J&MC) and PG Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations
5101/08/2017MA- 1 SC Category waiting list
5201/08/2017MA- 1 YF Category waiting list
5301/08/2017MA- 1 Open waiting list
5401/08/2017MA- 1 OGC Category waiting list
5501/08/2017MA- 1 Merit List
5601/08/2017MA- 1 Defence Category waiting list
5701/08/2017MA- 1 BC Category waiting list
5801/08/2017Merit and waiting list of PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations
5927/07/2017Important Notice regarding Admission
6024/07/2017Document Verification on 25.07.2017 at 11.30 am for qualify candidates in Aptitude Test of PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations
6122/07/2017Regarding Merit List
6220/07/2017MA-I (J&MC) Fresh List of Reserved candidates
6319/07/2017MA-I (J&MC) GD/PI Schedule on 20-21/07/2017
6418/07/2017MA-I (J&MC) GD/PI Schedule for 19/07/2017
6517/07/2017Schedule for Counselling (All Categories) and Aptitude Test of Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relation
6625/04/2017Meeting of the Research Degree Committee-cum-Presentation will be held on Tuesday, 02nd May, 2017 at 3.30 p.m. in the School of Communication Studies
6712/04/2017Attendance of MA-I and PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations March 2017
6822/03/2017Viva-Voce Examination-cum-Presentation of Ph.D. student, Mr. Subhash Chand Goel
6914/03/2017Attendance of Feb 2017 of PG Diploma in Advertising & PR
7014/03/2017Attendance of Feb 2017 of MA-II
7114/03/2017Attendance of Feb 2017 of MA-I
7303/03/2017CHASSCONG VII-Quotation Format Food
7403/03/2017Viva-Voce Examination-cum-Presentation of Ph.D. student, Mr. Vibhor Mohan
7517/02/2017Documentary for PU Convocation 2017
7610/02/20172nd Installment of Examination Fee notice
7710/02/2017Attendance of Jan 2017 (MA-I, MA-II and PG Diploma in Advertising & PR)
7803/02/2017CHASSCONG VII-2nd Mail for Colleagues
7903/02/2017CHASSCONG VII-First mail for colleagues
8003/02/2017CHASSCONG VII-Concept paper and programme 1st announcement
8103/02/2017CHASSCONG VII-Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts/Final Papers
8203/02/2017Guidelines for Sending Abstracts of CHASSCONG VII
8423/12/2016Tender/Quotation for Digital A3 Color Multi-functional Printer
8615/09/2016Quotation for Digital A3 Color Multi-functional Printer
8715/09/2016Tender for Computer Equipments
8819/08/2016Information regarding vacant seat in MA-I (1st Semester)
8904/08/2016Waiting List circular of MA (J&MC)
9029/07/2016PG Diploma Notice regarding the fees and classes
9129/07/2016Merit list of PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations 2016-17
9226/07/2016PG Diploma Aptitude Test Result 2016
9326/07/2016MPR Deadlines
9426/07/2016Disertation Deadline for MA-II (J&MC)
9522/07/2016Notice Regarding MA-I Class
9621/07/2016Date of Aptitude Test and Counceling for Post Graduation Diploma in Advertising and Public Relation
9719/07/2016Hostel List of MA-I (J&MC) for the session 2016-17
9819/07/2016Reserve category of SC waiting list
9919/07/2016Waiting List circular of MA (J&MC)
10016/07/2016Fee Notice of M.A-1 (J&MC) Selected Candidate 2016-2017
10116/07/2016Provisional Waiting List MA-1 (J&MC) Session 2016-2017
10216/07/2016Provisional Merit List MA-1 (J&MC) Session 2016-2017
10313/07/2016Tuition Fee for MA-3rd Semester
10413/07/2016MA-1 Councelling of Qualified Candidates

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